bet365 한국 시간_제안 바카라 노하우_제안 777 게임 Human Animals at the Crossroads of Culture, Science, Religion and Media Thu, 11 Oct 2018 06:06:35 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on What we need to do differently when we talk politics by Erich Vieth Thu, 11 Oct 2018 06:06:35 +0000 /bc5/?p=9962#comment-667850 Another thing that doesn’t happen much in political dialogue these days is what Gottman describes as “Turning Toward” in response to “bids for connection:

“As part of his research, John Gottman conducted a study with newlyweds and then followed up with them six years later. Many of the couples had remained together. Many had divorced. The couples that stayed married were much better at one thing ¡ª the third level of the Sound Relationship House, Turn Towards Instead of Away. At the six-year follow-up, couples that had stayed married turned towards one another 86% of the time. Couples that had divorced averaged only 33% of the time. The secret is turning towards.

I think this is a pretty incredible piece of data. It suggests that there is something you can do today that will dramatically change the course of your relationship. More importantly, it suggests that there is something that you can not do that will lead to its demise. So, how do you turn towards instead of away? In order to understand turning, you have to first understand bids.”

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Comment on Coddled Children Grow up Self-Disruptive by Bob Sat, 22 Sep 2018 15:23:12 +0000 /bc5/?p=28529#comment-667845 Yes. But how does one deal with total presidential incompetence? It does happen. I can argue impationatly for and against. But at some point after months and months of incoherent diatribes I start to wear down. It¡¯s then I gravitate to black and white. The obstical is unmovable, self righteous, incoherent.

Comment on Libertarianism as Not-Politics by TIMOTHY E HOGAN Tue, 27 Mar 2018 04:44:46 +0000 /bc5/?p=28468#comment-667844 The “Libertarians” want to get rid of public schools,

Get rid of Social Security (privatizing it, if you can afford it),

Get rid of Medicare (privatizing, if you can afford it),

Get rid of all income taxes and the IRS,

Get rid of all currency and tender restrictions so anyone or anything can issue money,

Get rid of campaign finance limits entirely (free market BS) and

¡°Libertarians¡± want the US to be totally isolationist (I guess that’s why Johnson had no clue about the oldest continuously human occupied city on Earth or any humanitarian crises there).

Libertarians want all the things of modern society but do not want to pay for any of them. Give them free cops, firefighters, EMS, waterways, bridges, highways, streets, lighting, street cleaning and maybe a fruit basket every month, too!Freeloaders!

Comment on Basketballs and Human Attention by lindy Sun, 25 Mar 2018 00:37:48 +0000 /bc5/?p=28474#comment-667843 I had seen the original and of course “got taken.” This new version got me AGAIN! Thanks for the update … I didn’t know there was a new version. Love it!

Comment on Steady Diet of Bad TV and Movies by lindy Sun, 25 Mar 2018 00:25:54 +0000 /bc5/?p=28476#comment-667842 Excellent article, Erich, thank you very much. This is why I cut the (cable) cord 7 years ago and pick what I want to watch, and when, on the internet.

Comment on Why is the AR-15 the weapon of choice for those who want to kill many students? by Edgar Montrose Wed, 07 Mar 2018 02:49:32 +0000 /bc5/?p=28463#comment-667691 Amendment 1: In 1791, freedom of speech meant actual speech. Freedom of the press referred to actual presses.

Amendment 2: In 1791, arms meant muskets, flintlock pistols, long rifles, bayonets, sabers, cannons, artillary.

Amendment 5: In 1791 there were land and naval forces but no air forces.

Amendment 7: In 1791 $20 was a lot of money.

Times change.

Comment on Those “good old days” never existed. by lindy Tue, 06 Mar 2018 22:29:19 +0000 /bc5/?p=432#comment-667681 Are we too uppity for your standards?

Comment on Libertarianism as Not-Politics by lindy Tue, 06 Mar 2018 22:26:06 +0000 /bc5/?p=28468#comment-667680 This is the most lucid explanation of Libertarian thinking that I have come across, all in just 3 paragraphs. It explains so much about why I can’t connect with Libertarian friends as I would like. Thanks you so much for this post. While I have issues with Hitchens… he had a way of saying things that left a sting and no doubt where he stood. And of course…Ayn Rand… I will never be able to relate to her line of thinking… it is other worldly.

Comment on Why is the AR-15 the weapon of choice for those who want to kill many students? by lindy Sun, 25 Feb 2018 04:49:25 +0000 /bc5/?p=28463#comment-667163 The Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution) were ratified in 1791.
Guns available in 1791 were muskets and flintlock pistols.
Those are the ONLY weapons that should be covered under the second amendment¡­ all others coming after, should be off the table to the general public.
Put that in your pipe NRA, and smoke it.

Comment on Who first invented the golden rule? by Alex Sun, 18 Feb 2018 15:42:01 +0000 /bc5/?p=421#comment-666770 Men and women want to be treated in very different ways when it comes to sex. Maybe “the golden rule” is the root of why we have such a problem with the way men treat women in our society.