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December 18, 2011 | By More

At a Discovery Magazine column called “Bad Astronomy,” you can view some eye-popping photos from space.

The first series features 16 photos of the Earth. You’ll have the chance to see a space shuttle re-enter the atmosphere and you can look right down the throat of an erupting volcano.

The second series offer incredible views of the solar system, including this interactive exquisitely detailed map of the moon and a “family portrait” of the solar system. Check out this view of the Earth – almost entirely water. One of the links took me to another Bad Astronomy column we learn the following regarding the relative sizes and distances of the Earth and its moon:

I’m so used to seeing pictures of just the Earth from space that it’s easy to forget that the Moon travels along with us. An important reminder in this picture is just how far the Moon is from us; 400,000 km is over 100 times the Moon’s size, so it appears to be a dot located well away from its home planet. If you wanted to make a scale model of it, a good way would be to use a golf ball to be Earth, and a marble located a meter away to be the Moon. That really brings home — ironically! — how small and distant our Moon is.

The third series features 24 photos of deep space. ? Here you’ll see the cradles and graves of stars, a “twin” galaxy of the Milky Way, a giant “soap bubble” and many other awe-inspiring photos from deep space.

What makes this series especially enjoyable, above and beyond these stunning images, is the excellent commentary provided with regard to each image.


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